Make Me An Offer!

($0 is an offer that I will possibly accept for some of these)

I will be moving soon and I am seriously downsizing. I have a bunch of stuff I’m getting rid of. I hope to bring in a few bucks for the newer/more valuable stuff, but I know that might not be possible, so if you want it, make me an offer, even if $0 is the most you can do.

The important thing is that you must be responsible for picking it up (Forest Park, IL – a couple blocks from Harlem Blue Line), or if it doesn’t get too onerous, I can try to ship small items like books if you will pay for shipping.

To make an offer, send an email to this address: noting the item number (or book title) and what (if anything) you’re willing to pay. I’ll check that email once a day, so don’t worry if I don’t get back to you immediately – I just don’t want to clog up my regular email with this.


Just thought I’d throw these up here in case anyone was really wanting one of these before I donate the lot to Open Books. Just let me know the book title in your email.