Friday, August 30

On Friday, I headed out early in the morning to visit Windsor Castle, only to be told (after getting all the way to Paddington Station) that the free travel that comes with the London Pass doesn’t start until 12:30 pm! Sigh. So I regrouped and decided to go to St Paul’s Cathedral (which opens earlier than most “attractions”) after getting my coffee.

I still had some time to kill, so I found a massage therapist that was vaguely on the way back to Paddington (in Fitzrovia?) who had a 11:30 opening. I had been needing a massage for over a year now, and it felt really nice albeit a lighter pressure than I usually get.

So then off to Windsor Castle.

Then back to London to see Bartholomew Fair at the Globe Sam Wanamaker Playhouse. It was just okay. Took me a while to get a grasp on what was going on.

Passed this on the way back to my hostel.

Thursday, Aug 29

Going to start trying to fill in the days with sketchy details (mostly photos) going backwards. Then maybe I’ll add details lately.

I’m currently at the top of The Shard waiting for the sun to set so I can get a night time view. Not sure if I’ll make it. I guess I made it (see last pix)

Before that, I had some nice pumpkin ravioli for dinner, at what I think I discovered (from the receipt) to be a hotel restaurant.

Before that, the Tower Bridge …

and before that the Tower of London, which I found less interesting than I had remembered from a quarter century ago.

I started out in the morning with a backstage tour of the National Theatre with a fun, but in pain guide, Jessica.

Saturday, August 24


The WaspPeppered Wit Productions
Noir HamletYasp Is (from Boston, I think)
SprayRecommended by a friend. It was interesting physical theater, but the “story” didn’t resonate with me.
Northanger AbbeyFireside TheatreProbably a straightforward adaptation, but I’d have to read the original material.
And Then They DiedRiddled ImageHad the feel of having been developed via improv.

Friday, August 23

Started out visiting Edinburgh Castle. Web sources seen to warm against going first thing in the morning, but I disagree. By the time I left, a couple hours after opening, it was really crowded (although the site’s mini-tour guide indicated it was a light day). I’m very glad I got there before it got too busy.

I’ll upload more pix when I get on WiFi.

Finally got up the guts to try my first haggis today (as a “starter” with my lunch – my main meal of the day). Tasted like a very moist meatloaf. I think how good haggis tastes is highly dependent on the gravy put over it, and the gravy here at Howie’s was very good. My main dish, salmon, potatoes and broccoli, was very tasty. And I was glad to follow my server’s recommendation of having some Glenfiddich 12 y/o.


QuintessenceEmily CardingReally good. I’d like to get my hands on this script to perform it myself.
DNA?Recommended by someone in my hotel room, and deservedly so. Excellent acrobatic/aerial performance.
The Resistable Rise of Arturo UiProbably teenagers, but very talented ones with good direction.
Fempire: Cleo, Theo, and WuBy and featuring Kristen Vangness of Criminal Minds fame. It was okay. A little simplistically PC feminist.

Thursday, August 22

After seeing 4 shows, I decided to go dancing. A bar (Stramash!) near my hostel (Safestay Edinburgh BTW), hosts a 2 hour “Daily Ceilidh” during the festival. The band, Awry, was really good and they called/taught the dances too. I’m so out of shape. But still had fun.


Happy Hour
Piracy! Comedy on the High C’s
The Burning
The Incident Room