Work in progress. Sorry it’s a long process. Further hampered by wiggy internet connections. And I’ve been pretty lazy about it too. But here’s some from the first part of the trip.

New Delhi
New Delhi, India
Galleries from New Delhi. In chronological order, except for Misc Pix.
New Delhi - Mostly Sikh Temple & Lodi Gardens

The travel agent Romey put me in contact with lovely Chiraz - currently from Cannes but originally from Tunisia via Corsica, I believe - who let me join her for an afternoon of site seeing and shopping.

New Delhi - Sightseeing (Aug 29) and new friends

Paid for a driver to take me around all day and saw Jama Masjid, Red Fort, Gandhi Museum, Raj Ghat, and Humayun's Tomb. Then made some new friends.

Misc. New Delhi Photos

These are a hodgepodge of photos from the other days I was in New Delhi when I didn't do much site seeing.


I have long left Rajastan but am just now beginning to post pix. My sightseeing pix from Jaipur are up. I will add more throughout the next couple days.

Rajastan, India
Photo galleries for Jaipur, Jodhpur, and Udaipur. Right now it only contains the main sightseeing photos from Jaipur. The rest will follow.
Jaipur: Hawa Majal and Jantar Mantar - Sept 1

My main sightseeing in Jaipur. Jantar Mantar was very cool - a huge 18th c. astronomy observatory. Not that I understood a bit of it. I'm hoping Pete may be able to explain someday or I can google to understanding. In the picture order the photos of the explanatory plaques are generally AFTER the structures they explain.

Jodhpur Sightseeing - Mehrangarh Fort - Sept 3

Just did one morning of sightseeing in Jodhpur. Saw an old fort. Didn't really appreciate it as much as I should have. But I liked listening to the dude and his son making music together.

Agra – Taj Mahal

Agra - Taj Majal

Photos of the Taj Mahal. Google Taj Mahal. The pro pix are much better. 

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