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Introducing my travel blog

Do you want to know what I’m up to on my travels? Read my blog. That’s the theory.

I have had a blog before. I have been awful about writing. I’ve been on trips before and have been awful about posting photos and updates in a timely manner. I hope to make things different on this trip.

I tried to do a little preliminary practice to learn how to upload photo galleries, create and update posts, etc, but I don’t promise that I will do this correctly right out of the gate. For people interested in my travels, there are a few areas you might find interesting.

First, I will be blogging as I travel, and the home page should have the most recent 3-5 posts. If you want to delve further back than that, there is a “Blog Archives” dropdown on the menu.

Second, there is a cool itinerary page called 2017 Travel Map. I have mapped my tentative itinerary and will make alterations as plans change. If you scroll to the bottom of the map, there will be a city list of the rough itinerary. It will show both past history and future plans. Theoretically, I will be able to link relevant blog posts to the map. We’ll see how that goes.

Third, I will post photo galleries as I go and link to (or embed) the relevant gallery from any given blog post.

Finally, I may start rambling about random topics, that are only tangentially related to my travels.

Please let me know if there are things I can do to improve the usability of the site. I’m not sure exactly how to let me know – I think there’s a contact link somewhere.

Anyway – got to get finishing packing. The flight leaves in less than 10 hours. Yikes.

4 thoughts on “Introducing my travel blog”

  1. I’ll have to search for your ‘Follow Me’ widget later. I’m on my phone and can’t see it anywhere. If your site didn’t automatically include one, you might need to add it in! Good luck with your travels and don’t turn down exciting adventures…unless it might lead you too far astray! We want you back in one piece!

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