The Museum of Islamic Art is the perfect place to hang out in Doha.

  1. Awesome art to look at (I’ll post later… Doing this post on my phone.)
  2. Great architecture.
  3. Not terribly crowded.
  4. Absolutely free.
  5. Airconditioned
  6. They are open when they say they are (unlike the shops of Souk Waqif where I almost suffered heat stroke waiting for the shops to open this morning. They never did. I think it’s a Friday thing, but the web sites were very contradictory and unclear on this.
  7. There are actually female presenting persons here other than myself.

I’ve made a lot of neophyte errors thus far in my journey. Hopefully, my learning curve will not be too steep. Just thought I’d take a rest from walking around for a quick post.

3 thoughts on “The Museum of Islamic Art is the perfect place to hang out in Doha.”

  1. Hi Kate.
    We haven’t heard from you in a couple of days. I hope it is do to my Internet being down and not some problems on your end. We spilt iced tea into the Comcast tower, and no longer have phone or Internet. I am at Anita’s typing this. Nick’s phone is up and running,so feel free to call him. Hope everything is going well and we will hear from you soon. Ralph

    1. Ah. That explains why you didn’t answer your phone yesterday. You have a message waiting for you. I also texted Nick a couple times but it didn’t go through. I’ll try Nick’s cell when I wake up again (woke up in the middle of the night and saw this). I’m 10.5 hours ahead of you now.

  2. I tried calling Nick’s cell three times after GoT last night and it rang and rang and eventually went to voice mail each time. I left a voice mail message every time. Please use one of your cell phones to call me. It may go to voice mail – if so just leave a message and I’ll try to call right back.

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