I love the Netherlands

At least for now. After 2 days. Such a lovely, lovely country.

I will add more to this point, but my battery is running low and I don’t feel like grabbing charger now, but still, I’ve got some pics. Also adding them to the photo gallery.

The Netherlands (mostly Amsterdam)
The Holland part of my adventure. Sept 17-24, 2017
Walking around Amsterdam

Starting with a few pix from the evening I arrived, most are pix of me just taking a long walk between the Weesperplein Metro station and Vondelpark. Didn't get far into the park because I was exhausted but plan to return.

Dutch Countryside Tour - Sept 19

Toured what would have been a working windmill (had there been any wind) in Zaanse Schans and was shown how it works. Then hit the fishing village of Volendam, where we saw how cheese was made and had a tasting (couldn't resist - bought some too) and had lunch. Then, a boat trip across a huge fresh water lake (10th largest in Europe) that was reclaimed from the sea via damming. We arrived in Marken, where we witnessed clogs being made. The full Dutch experience.

Mostly Vondelpark

Grabbed lunch, then visited a coffeeshop where the couple of lovely young women working there were very kind to a clueless old lady. After recovering somewhat, I moved on to walk around the awesome Vondelpark. Then I was pretty much useless for the rest of the day. But my back felt good.

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