Tuesday, August 20

Attempted and failed to climb to Arthur’s Seat. It was very disappointing to find myself so out of shape. I did still see some lovely views of Edinburgh.


The Importance of Being EarnestGerman company. They did really weird clownish physical humor. Jack as a (female, speaking) Harpo Marx, should give your an idea. Interesting at first, but wore on me.
Hide and SeekReally interesting one man show. Found out after her was also running all his not insignificant tech.
FishbowlBig space event. Interesting physical theater
DrowningProduced by Carrie-Anne Moss. Kinda interesting, but mostly disappointing.
Genesis: The Marty Shelley Play
To Fall In Love
Pussy in Boots: The Adult PantoNeeded to see what a Panto was like. Now I have. Think Ren faire without the Ren. Not terribly adult.

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