Spider’s Web – Parker Players

The acting was quite fine and very nice set. And it’s always nice to see a friend (in this case Stephen Pickering) perform, and to see a show with Pete.

But I have to confess that the experience was not nearly as enjoyable for me as it could have been due to the off-stage experience. Unlike Chicago theatres, who seem to be uniformly requiring proof of vaccination and masking throughout the show, this company and venue required neither. Pete and I were a couple of the handful of people who actually wore masks. To make it even more stressful, the seating was totally smashed together in a way that could NO WAY be adhering to fire safety laws, let alone any Covid physical distancing. The audience situation being a nightmare made it really hard to enjoy the production.

The Eclipse!

Don’t have a lot of time to write right now, since I’m getting ready to leave the country tomorrow. Aaarrrggghh – tomorrow. Already. Yikes. Well, I’m getting off topic. More on that in a post later today or tomorrow.

This is a brief inaugural post of my new blog. Pete, Erin and I went down to Princeton, KY (via Evansville, IN, where we stayed Sunday night) to see the solar eclipse within the band of totality!

In brief – it was AWESOME! Freaky. Crickets started chirping en mass at 1:20 in the afternoon as though it were twilight. I looked at the sun! I looked at it chomping up the moon like pacman on a dot. The people in the Princeton First Baptist Church parking lot came from all over the place and were, for one brief shiny moment, one big, giggly, geeky family.

The long journey home was surreal. Depending on how you calculate it, between 11 and 13 hours for a 5 hr 45 min trip.

Not sure how this works but I will attempt to include a pretty lame photo gallery below. Pete and Erin took the best photos and videos. I’ll see if I can add a couple more here.

Eclipse 2017

These were taken in and around Princeton, Kentucky on Aug 21, 2017 during the Total Solar Eclipse. I hope to add some of Pete's and more of Erin's photos later.

Pete's Totality photo through the telescope
Credit: Peter Pollack, Photographer
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