Berlin Pix

Yeah – there are a lot of pix from the Netherlands I still haven’t posted, but I didn’t want to get even further behind. So I’ll post those (as well as all the missing pix from India) once I get back home. Or if I get bored later on the trip. But here you have my first full day of touring Berlin. (BTW – I scored a second theatre ticket for Berlin!)

First Full Day in Berlin

After sleeping most of the day I arrived - I did NOT sleep well on the overnight bus - I was refreshed enough to spend nearly 9 hours walking about. First I took transit to to Grosse Tiergarten (a park) and walked through the fall foliage. Then I took a bus to the Lustgarden where, after grabbing some breakfast at a Starbucks clone, I went on a fantastic "free" (pay what you want) walking tour. I will definitely be doing more of these. Then I walked back past the Maxim Gorki theatre where I bought a ticket to another show. Yay! Then I fortunately came across a Vietnamese restaurant on my way back to the train. Except for bread items, German food is not tempting me at all.

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