Friday, Aug 16 – On the Way

Did not have an auspicious beginning to my trip. Awoke at scheduled time of 3am (trying to reset my internal clock all week), and all went well until I was 2 minutes to leaving my apartment. I inadvertently placed a not-quite-closed water bottle in the side of my backpack, which was setting on my bed. By the time I figured out my error a large part of the bed was soaked, as well as parts of my backpack and its contents. Sigh.

Well I just tried to post a whole bunch more I typed, but the sucky wifi at the airport seems to have caused me to lose all my work. Aaarrrgghh. So, less eloquently, and probably with too much annoyance I will repeat…

Even though I checked in online yesterday, I had to stand in the same line as folks who hadn’t checked in, as there is no separate baggage drop off. But on the good side of things, I flew through security even though both my backpack and my body required a “closer look.”

Currently writing this outside a charging station by gate M13 (I’m departing from M11), but I think I’ll go ahead and post this and perhaps add more later if something interesting happens.

Location: Chicago Metro, then in a 747
Shows I saw: None, but I might watch the season 2 Christmas Episode of Downton Abbey while in transit.
Other things I did: Took the CTA Blue line to work and had a full day of work.
Who I met:Well, my coworkers, mostly. Shout out to Cristina, who was kind enough to drive me from the office to O’Hare!
What I ate:Bowl of cheerios at home
Mocha and scone at Starbucks on the way to work
Microwave popcorn, cheese, triskets, and cherries for lunch
Likely more of the same (sans popcorn) for dinner unless I’m still awake when the airlines brings food around.
Weather: ☀ 19°L/ 27°H
No forecasted rain in Chicago today or in London tomorrow so looks good for flying.
Tomorrow’s London forecast is ☀ 13°L/ 21°H – Yay!
What I wore: Teal leggings layered with patterned light knit pants
Pink T-shirt layered with mauve button up
Black socks and Keens
Things I discovered or learned:Always double check the lid on a water bottle.
Things can go wrong, but I don’t have to freak out over it.
My tablet’s camera does not focus very well in the dark.
Checking in online so you can just “drop off your checked baggage” does not necessarily keep you from standing in exactly the same line as people who are checking in or even buying tickets.

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