Saturday, Aug 17- London

Didn’t get terribly solid sleep on the plane – probably 4 hours or so.

When I got to the airport I ran into a couple things that went counter to my pretrip Internet research. First – the ATMs at Heathrow appear to ALL be high-surcharge machines. If you can do so, wait until you can get outside the airport to make your GBP withdrawal.

Second, if you want to get a SIM card from a vending machine, you need to do so before leaving the secure area. After that you need to use the shop, which is much more expensive.

That said, it was a little nerve-wracking going without my GPS, until I got to the Sainsbury by where I stowed my luggage where I ultimately got my SIM card, but I made it.

I detoured to Leicester Square to pick up my London Pass, so I wouldn’t have to pick it up on my return to London next Tuesday.

Finally got my morning coffee after getting off the train by British Museum. Posting galleries for my three main destinations below as well as one with street pix.


None today.

Location: London
Things I did: Tube to OYO Belgravia Rooms to drop off luggage.
Acquired cash, sim card, and water thanks to a nice person at a Saindbury nearby.
Took tube to Leicester Square to pick up London Pass for next week.
Took tube to Tottenham Court.
Grabbed much needed coffee.
British Museum for a couple hours
Grabbed quick lunch and ate it as I watched cool street musician by Tottenham Court Tube station and bought a CD.
Tube to Museum of London looking at St. Paul’s from the outside on the way.
Walked to London Mithraeum.
Tube to Victoria, the walked until I found a place for dinner (Indian Diner, kinda meh). Hung out at Costa in Victoria Station until it closed, them headed over to Victoria Coach to wait for my bus to depart.

Who I met:Just a few people I interacted with very briefly.
What I ate:Mocha
Bento boxish to go from place I’ll need to find name of.
Veg Thala(?) at Indian Diner
Decaf mocha
Weather: Very nice. Warm. The bus, however, was a freaking meat locker. Another reason sleeping was so difficult. Why do they DO that?
What I wore: Same as I traveled in. Will be in this until tomorrow afternoon.
How much I spent:Will figure this out later
Things I discovered or learned:When getting used to a new locale, everything takes longer than you think it will.
Bad planning is worse than no planning.
Tickets to the Jack the Ripper tour DO sell out on a lovely August Saturday.

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