Sunday, Aug 18 – Edinburgh

Experienced a very uncomfortable overnight bus ride on Megabus. I have no idea why I thought I’d get an okay night’s sleep on a bus. The temperature was like a meat locker, the seats barely reclined, the bus was packed, and since they gave no info at the onset, I didn’t realize there was a toilet until morning. Still, although there was a major standstill around midnight – how does that happen? – we arrived 30 min early. The countryside during the visible party of the trip was lovely.

It’s really weird, as I’m finally entering this from my hands written notes a week later, I’m discovering I took copious notes the first day and only the bare minimum after that. So I’m just going to try to catch up on the bare minimum part and maybe add in more details later. It is not easy doing this on my phone.

So on this first Sunday I saw only 3 shows, although my attempt to nap after I checked into my hostel was futile.


Being Norwegian
Fight SongFiona Casper-Strauss show. Just as creepy as one would expect of a show where most of the characters are teen Texas cheerleaders. Very compelling and good performances.
Trying it OnRecommended by Alan. I’m glad I saw it.

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